Hack-cessibility Registration Form

If you are registering as a team, please have you and your team members agree to a team name before registering. You and your team members will need to each separately register on their own with the agreed upon team name. If you are registering as an individual, please note that we will pre-assign you to teams.

(Data analysis, Policy analysis, Subject matter expert on issues of accessibility, with or without lived experience Ethnographer, Text to speech expert, Magnification expert, Screen-reader expert)

(Engineer, Maker, Developer, Coder, Programmer)

(Artist, Storyteller, Journalist, Illustrator, Industrial Designer, Filmmaker, UI/UX Designer, Web Designer)

(Business strategist, Entrepreneur, Facilitator, Organizational behaviour, Project manager)

If you are currently a student, please write student.

If you are a student, please indicate which program you are affiliated with (e.g. Ryerson University, Social Work)

Rank your top 3 goals, with 1 being the most important and 3 being the third most important

With 1 being not knowledgeable and 5 being very knowledgeable

With 1 being not excited and 5 being very excited

With 1 being not confident and 5 being very confident